Retweet if you’re a sheep

There have been some annoying people on twitter lately who ask others to ‘retweet if you’re a teacher’. A year or so ago, I probably would have done so without thinking. After all, it seems a pretty innocuous thing to ask people to do. But someone alerted me to the fact that people do this to earn more kudos points on social networking. Since that time, I have ignored those tweets.

Maybe I have been a bit harsh. I’ve thought carefully about it, weighing up the possibilities. Maybe it is a way to help teachers network with like-minded individuals? But then following a hashtag like #edchat or #SLTchat will do that much better. I can’t think of any other reason to ask people to retweet if they are teachers. It is pointless and it is incredibly annoying.

So……from now on, I have blocked the two people who are leading it and am also now blocking anyone who retweets the message as well. My timeline can do without these messages. This is just another example of self-promotion on twitter and not what I love social networking for at all.


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