Now don’t go thinking that this is me whinging about nuts. I actually quite like nuts. Especially Pistachios. No, this is about the ridiculous nanny state we live in where a bag of peanuts has to put a warning on the back saying ‘Caution: Contains Nuts’. You go to the shop to buy a bag of peanuts. Before you open them to eat, you notice the warning and cry, ‘Oh no! It contains nuts!’

Why do we need to be treated like complete imbeciles? I think I know the answer. It’s that compensation culture thing again, isn’t it? The peanut people have to add the warning because if someone with a nut allergy eats those nuts (though why they would, I don’t know) then goes into anaphylactic shock (yes, I typed that without looking it up because I used to watch a lot of Casualty programmes) then they die, their family could sue the nut people for not warning that person that the nuts contained nuts!

I despair.


One response to “Nuts

  1. Also ” no nuts used in the factory but cannot guarantee nut free”!!!

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