This one is inspired by Little Miss Stubborn…..

Have you been to the gym lately and watched some of the people who go there? You should all know by now that I can’t stand the ‘look at me’ mentality you see on Twitter. Well the gym equivalent is the person who exercises, does weight training or uses the instruments of torture in front of a nice big mirror. Each flex of the muscles is checked out to make sure that physical perfection is being achieved. Every movement is followed by an admiring glance at oneself, loving the body, begging others to look and admire and wish theirs were half as good.

Well, gym bunnies, I have news for you. We are not admiring you. We are smirking at your vanity, watching as you grow to love yourself even more and dying to get home to tweet about how silly you are.


One response to “Preening

  1. Brilliant 🙂 (@MissBex_M)

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