Apologies, dear readers. For the first time, I forgot to post a whinge yesterday. Maybe this is a sign of getting old.

I do often go to the kitchen to get something and then forget what I went for. Or sometimes I memorise a shopping list only to get to the store and find myself pondering what the items were I needed.  Occasionally, I think of an event or a person from the past and then spend ages trying to remember what their name was. This is all a sign of the ageing process I believe, but is still rather disconcerting.

I could make excuses. I had a busy day looking after my grandchildren. I had an arthritis flare-up in the evening and had an early night. But really, I did have opportunities to write my blog and I try to stay focussed on doing so each day as I find it helps keep my brain active. It is also fun and I love it when I get comments and responses on twitter.

So no excuses. Just an apology via a whinge on forgetfulness!

(Incidentally, isn’t WordPress absolutely amazing? I just found a way to change the date for this post to yesterday so that I don’t seem to miss a day. Sshhh! Don’t tell anyone!)


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