I was never a particularly political person. I would probably describe myself as a bit of a middle-of-the-road sort of person really. But over the years I have found myself becoming increasingly political.

Since the last government got into power, I have watched as good, decent human beings have been trodden into desperation. Nobody seems to listen to those who know best. If you want to know how to change schools for the better, you speak to and listen to teachers. If you want to know how to make the NHS work effectively, you speak to and listen to doctors and nurses. They, after all, do the face-to-face job day after day. They are the experts. They don’t object to change as long as it is change for the better.

I have a very simplistic view of how a country should get out of trouble. In my view, you grow out of it, not shrink out of it. How can making people redundant and forcing them into benefits possibly help the economy? People need to work. They should pay into the system. They need to be self-sufficient and have the pride of a job well done. We need houses. Building houses leads to work for builders, suppliers, DIY stores, curtain makers, flooring companies….the list is enormous.

At the other end of the scale, we need everyone to pay the right amount of tax (no get-out clauses, no offshore bank accounts….) and we need to get rid of the ridiculous massive bonuses paid to people in banks and big businesses who have failed. When did we start rewarding people for failure??

There is no shortage of money. Just a system which has prioritised people in a totally wrong way.

Through all of this, we see our politicians – elected by (some of) us, supposedly our servants, cheating and lying their way through their expense-laden lives, making decisions which they don’t research adequately. They can be seen publicly mud-slinging at other political parties like the naughty children in the class. Just watch any debate in Parliament to see what I mean. Then for good measure, they single out and bad-mouth decent hard-working people on social media, in speeches and on TV oblivious to the way that affects them.

Politicians – you would not be where you are now if it wasn’t for us. Get on and do the job you are paid to do. Listen to people who know what they are talking about and respond to their advice. Stop the slanging matches and calling each other names.

And opposition parties……where are you?

In the words of the football crowd ‘Who are you? Who are you?’ Tell us what you could do and why we should vote for you. People are sick to the back teeth of the current situation. I’m not surprised that they make a protest by voting for the next Monster Raving Looney Party.


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