I am a very trusting person. I suppose I think that because I am an honest person who wouldn’t dream of hurting anyone knowingly, I assume that everyone is the same.

The more examples I read in the news and on social networking about ways in which people have been deceived and defrauded, the less I find I trust people. Last year I found myself emotionally deceived when someone on twitter purported to be someone she wasn’t. It was a difficult time and left me in complete denial until someone came up with the visual proof that she didn’t exist. I know now that the lady behind this had serious issues and hope that she is now in receipt of the help she obviously needs. Her deception was accompanied by photographs ‘stolen’ from two families in America. They are possibly in blissful ignorance that their wedding photographs were used in one case and in the other family, photos of their twin girls used to build a fictitious life for this person.  It was clear from her writing that she was neither a bad nor an unintelligent person. I felt a real affinity with her and when the truth came out I was terribly hurt but also felt stupid.

Yesterday, one of my twitter friends was duped by a phone call which he believed was genuinely  from his bank. We are always told to delete emails telling us that our bank details have been compromised but most of us would believe that a phone call was genuine. This man is very IT-savvy and intelligent. He has been left feeling violated and stupid. But it could happen to any of us, especially if we have a trusting nature.

From hacking of accounts and sending out spam in our names to the most serious cases where there is huge financial loss, we are all vulnerable and need to become a lot more questioning of people’s motives. I think that this is incredibly sad.



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