Shouty Adverts

What do advertisers hope to achieve when they make shouty adverts? Everyone I know hates them. It definitely makes the company memorable – but not in an ‘I’m going to use them’ type of way. In my case, I would go out of my way to avoid using them. If they were the last company on earth where ‘you buy one, you get one free’, I would keep the draughty windows I already had. If I ever placed a bet (which I don’t) I wouldn’t use the shouty company. If I were carpeting my house, I would not use the company that bellowed their love of carpets to me.

As for insurance…, I would not. In fact I won’t tell you what I could do to that hideous tenor in order to make him a soprano, using my rusty scissors.

So, if you work for a marketing company, please note. I will not use businesses that shout their message at me. Ever.


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