Someone in my twittersphere was commenting on her neighbours celebrating the Bank Holiday weekend with fireworks last night. This made me think about fireworks in general and their complete availability to members of the public. 

I love to go to a good firework display. By this I mean a well-organised event with great quality fireworks – either paid or free. If there is one in my area, I will almost certainly go and thoroughly enjoy it. If it is to celebrate November 5th, New Year’s Eve or a beautiful wedding, then that’s perfect. The issue is that as long as we make explosives (and that’s what they are) available to anyone with the money to buy them, there will always be injuries or deaths as well as extreme aggravation to the general public. When I was little, people bought a few fireworks for Bonfire Night and set them off in the garden. They always did it on November 5th. Now, we get them going off for a good week before and after that date. Fireworks are now available all year round and are used at random parties, often finding their way into the hands of children. People with pets and small children must dread their over-exuberant neighbours who use any excuse to party loudly and then set off their fireworks in the hope of impressing their friends.

I would like to see fireworks banned for sale to the public and only licensed organisers able to use them. There is no comparison between the pathetic home fireworks and the ones we see at displays. In my area, the police and fire service hold a fantastic display and the money paid by the public goes to a local charity. I think this is a brilliant way to see an amazing display in safe surroundings whilst helping local people in need. There would definitely be a huge reduction in the numbers of injured or deaths from fireworks, less damage to property (what goes up, MUST come down!), less fear for elderly people who are terrified of local children with fireworks, less stressed pets and less children with disturbed sleep.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Unless you are one of the ‘impress-my-friends-with-a-few-whizz-bang-pops’ brigade.


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