This is a very personal whinge and apologies to any readers who have a tattoo. I hate to see tattoos. It doesn’t really matter whether they’re on men or women, I just don’t like them at all. I can appreciate the artistic talent that it takes to create them – some are excellent artistically. But I just don’t understand why anyone would want to have something so permanent on their skin. I have seen some ridiculous examples of tattoos gone wrong – incorrect spelling or a long-departed partner’s name  – and wonder if anyone ever thinks about what happens to their skin as they get old and saggy. Surely there could be nothing more revolting than the words or images hanging in wrinkly folds?

There’s one thing for certain, I won’t be going wild any time soon and rushing off to the tattoo parlour to have my buttock embellished with a cute little butterfly. 


One response to “Tattoos

  1. At least with died hair it will eventually disappear……

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