Is it only me who finds it virtually impossible to buy shoes? I find it hard enough to buy them in a shop and consequently could never buy any online. Over the years, my feet have deteriorated because of Rheumatoid Arthritis and I spend a lot of time walking indoors with bare feet. Looking back now, this probably wasn’t such a good idea as my feet have spread and this had made it even harder to get a good fit. 

I watch with envy as Rachel on Twitter posts photos of her extensive shoe collection. She has some truly magnificent shoes. I do still have some with heels but every time I try to wear them, I am unable to walk by the time I get to the front door. I have to go back to the comfy pair of flatties which are now almost worn out. Soon I will have to face the music and go to a shoe shop to buy their replacements. I am putting off this evil day because I know how impossible this task will be.

I am a size five. Or a five and a half. Or a four and a half. I can’t get normal fitting shoes on. Wide fitting shoes slop up and down as if I’m wearing boats on my feet. I can’t buy cheap shoes as they just don’t make them to fit people with feet like me. But then I worry about paying a lot for a pair as I don’t truly know if they will be right until I’ve worn them for an hour or two.

I pine for the days when I wore sexy little sandals with kitten heels, gorgeous strappy platforms and sparkly evening shoes. In winter I wear my rapacious brown slip-on boots (like Uggs but cheap) and in summer I wear my good old flat, black, leather ones or flat sandals. I dream of sexy shoes, making me look taller and coordinating with the colours of my outfit. As my day-to-day wardrobe has become more black and beige, my shoe collection has dwindled to boring and functional.

How I envy women like Rachel, with their gorgeous shoes, sky-high heels and butterfly wardrobes. Shoes can make you feel so good about yourself…..


2 responses to “Shoes

  1. I have three pairs – one set of trainers, one set of ‘proper shoes’ and one set of walking boots…. ’nuff said I feel.

  2. Oh and I have three ‘bags’ – two for cameras and one for general purpose…..

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