I was driving along the estate road yesterday (let me make it clear that I don’t own an ‘estate’ but I mean the housing estate where I live) and I saw a lady walking her son home from school. She was quite a rounded lady and probably in her thirties. 

The view I got was interesting and sparked today’s whinge. She was wearing dark coloured leggings with a quite nice top, but what looked really odd was the pale blue denim short shorts she had put on over the top of the leggings. Who told her that was a good look? Did she not look in the mirror from the front and behind before setting off? It looked awful and really emphasised her rounded dimensions. Personally, it’s not a look I really like on young, thin, modelly-type girls either. It made me wonder where these new fashion trends come from.

Maybe I might sit and dream up a new trend and parade around my town giving it a try? Erm…..maybe not.

P.S. I know I should have been watching the road – another reason why she needs to examine her fashion sense as she is distracting drivers!


3 responses to “Shorts

  1. I am aware that in the past – well the 1970’s is definitely the past, I did sport some very stylish hipster flares that could sweep the floor around me as I walked. We are all guilty of some fashion ‘faux pas’ and I am so glad I no longer have to care about such things.

    However I have to register a few of my own ‘ what on earth made you think that looked good?’

    1. The streak of couloured hair that looks like a paint tin has been dribbled on said person
    2. Piercings
    3. The ‘tea cosy’ thing on a lad’s head
    4. The I always wear my hood up even in the summer
    5. The back to front cap
    6, The side to front cap
    7. The crotch at knee height jeans
    8. The huge headphones to block out reality
    9. The patterned leggings that make you look even more ”big boned’
    10. The ‘look I can walk on stilts too’ high heels

    Not that I get bothered about any of this really….

  2. The baseball cap thing gets me – especially if they are worn by older men. That REALLY gets my goat!

  3. I have to admit I often wear a baseball type hat, to cover my lack of hair in the sun, and to act as a sunshade for my eyes – its great the way the peak shows you that it goes to the front…..

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