My Dog’s a Fake!

This afternoon, my dog went out in the garden. I then saw her sitting outside the French doors waiting to come in. I opened the door and she staggered back into the house, holding her front paw up. She was unable to put it on the ground and winced when we tried to examine it. Puzzled, but concerned, we rang the vet who asked us to bring her immediately. She limped in looking very sorry for herself. He examined her and couldn’t find anything untoward so thought maybe she had pulled a ligament and prescribed her some anti-inflammatories. We paid £36. She limped back to the car and as my husband drove her home, she lay quietly, looking up with those sad puppy-dog eyes.

They pulled up on the drive and he opened the door to let her out. Reaching out to gather her up, she shot through his waiting arms and galloped off into the house – no trace of a limp at all. 

Why is it that our pets can make us look really foolish? I’m guessing that if a dog can play a joke, we’ve definitely been ‘had’ today.


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