Socks come in pairs. We wear them (most of us) as a pair and then put them in the washing basket (or, in the case of Mr. Whinge, do a stamping bull act on the bedroom floor and just leave them there). Next they go in the washer and from there they go into the tumble drier. The next step is to collect everything from the tumble drier and take them to the ironing board. Ah, yes, well I did mention earlier that I’m ever so slightly OCD, didn’t I? I do iron socks – nice and flat just like when you buy them – and pair them up again before putting them back in the drawer.

So why is there always an odd one left over? Why does its partner never reappear in the next wash load, but leave the odd sock to lurk in a lonely manner at the back of the drawer to be joined by another different odd one the following week? I am thinking of taking up making sock puppets from all these odd socks, but where is the mysterious place where the other halves go?

Does anyone know?


6 responses to “Socks

  1. They run off with the teaspoons! 😉
    Great whinge…
    BUT ironing socks!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Mea culpa!

  3. I always buy socks by the dozen pairs, and always black or fawn. Then, as individual ones get lost, or end up with holes in the toes, I can happily still pair up those remaining. I don’t iron them though. In fact I rarely iron anything these days, since MrsBG retired …

  4. Ah, Bill. I knew I could count on you for common sense.

  5. We have a Lonely Sock bag. Have done for years. There are some baby-sized socks in there still forlornly hoping that their partner will re-join them one day. It’s a pretty sad bag, when I think about it.

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