Isn’t it about time that some amazing inventor found a way to get rid of wires? I took a peek behind the TV unit today. Scary. There are cables that go from every appliance to an adapter and then to the wall socket. There are mysterious things called Scart Leads that connect everything to everything else. Then there’s a cable that snakes its way through the outside wall to who knows where. There’s Apple TV, with its associated power lead and HDMI cable (yes, people, I even know what it is called!). Now we have a sender that beams the telly into the kitchen, where I seem to spend a lot of time. (We won’t even start on the ‘Mr. Bean’ type malarkey I have with it crackling when I move around the kitchen).

When we first set it all up, the cables were neat and organised. So how come after a few weeks it resembles something like my first attempts at knitting many years ago? I have a theory. The world spins round, right? Well I reckon that all that spinning actually tangles those wires up together.

What other reason could there possibly be?


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