Mobile phones. We love them.

Mobile phone signals…..dire!

I have travelled up and down the country and noticed the fact that many areas have such a poor signal that you can’t make or receive a call or text. That is just a bog-standard signal. 3G is also extremely rare in some parts of the country. So why is money being spent on 4G when we haven’t even got other systems right yet? There’s nothing more frustrating that losing a call half way through or just hearing half a conversation.

Technology is wonderful but let’s get it right before we move on to the next ‘big’ thing, shall we?


2 responses to “Signals

  1. Yes! My son lives in Co Durham, near Chester le Street. Dreadful reception. Should sort that out first.

  2. So right. Durham itself is awful – both for phone and TV signals. They won’t put masts up, I think, because it is a conservation area. Surely there must be the technology around to solve the problem?

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