A Doctor’s Appointment

I couldn’t manage to get this into 100 words plus the prompt this week. I’ve gone 13 words over – sorry!

This week’s prompt was the words of Victor Meldrew ‘I don’t believe it!’


You’re telling me you checked my blood

And found something concerning?

You think I need to lose some weight

In diet be discerning?

You talk to me in acronyms

Of ‘LDL’ and neuts

And tell me arteries are furred

You’re too big for your boots!

I don’t believe it when you say

If I don’t change you think

My heart will fail, I’ll have a stroke

Or die from too much drink

I love my food and glass or two

My butter thickly spread

I don’t believe it when you say

I’m eating too much bread

And as for exercise – you jest!

Go running? Bah…mistake!

I’ve heard enough. I’m going home.

To have a slice of cake.








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