When I was a little girl I was never allowed to drop litter. I was taught to put it in my pocket and bring it home to put it the bin. Consequently I taught my children the same. If I see someone drop litter – even a tiny piece – it makes me livid. I can’t stand the blatant disrespect for our environment. 

Throwing litter out of car windows is also a major grouse of mine. In a queue of traffic once, the young man in front wound down his window and threw a crisp packet out. My daughter had to physically restrain me to stop me getting out and giving him a lecture.

How can people just throw things on the ground? Do they not know how long it takes for litter to degrade and finally disappear? Do they not realise the danger it can pose to children and animals? Sadly it is a mere symptom of the couldn’t-care-less and live-for-today-and-sod-tomorrow attitude that abounds in our world.


2 responses to “Litter

  1. My postman has obviously realised I like to collect rubber bands, and also I like to bend down outside my house. He saves the ones that he uses to bundle his letters and packages, then considerately drops them on my drive. Thankfully they will not biodegrade for a considerable time so I can pop out every so often and pick them up and they are as good as new…..

    I don’t need a clock to tell me when its ‘coming out of school time’ The street fills with Gulls as they await their treats from the local schoolkids – the insides of the cake packs are eagerly cleansed, though sadly muggins like me has to go out and pick the packaging up.

  2. Now, if I tell you that I used to collect the red elastic bands, make them into a ball over the course of the year and wrap the ball and give it to the postman at Christmas, you might actually realise who I am in real life?

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