Confession time. I am just a bit affected by OCD. I am sure that this makes me rather difficult to live with so why on earth did I choose to spend my life with a man who is the complete opposite?

I like order. Things have to be sorted – sometimes labelled. If a visitor comes to the house and kicks shoes off by the door, I have to place them left shoe, right shoe, at 90 degrees to the skirting board. If a picture or mirror on the wall is slightly wonky, I have to straighten it. I like clear worktops in the kitchen and well-ordered cupboards. 

The love of my life opens drawers and leaves them open, slides the wardrobe doors open then walks away, lifts the toilet seat and lid and leaves them there. He dumps rubbish in the kitchen sink even though the bin is only 30 cms away. He’s a great cook and often makes our evening meal but you’d be hard-pressed to find a gap to put a cup down in the kitchen after he’s finished. He takes off clothes and leaves them wherever they fall. 

Over the years we have had to accept that we can’t change each other. He accepts my obsessive behaviour and I accept his couldn’t-care-less ‘laidbackness’. He also copes with my constant nagging and whinging. He’s a great husband, father and grandfather. He would do anything for me and tells me constantly that he loves me.

I think I can cope with the open drawers and trousers on the floor.


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