Today, I’m sticking with my online whinges. In fact, I’m starting to wonder why I spend so much time online when so many things make me whinge. 

When I first started using computers (thousands of years ago), the biggest issue was junk email. I must have had hundreds of emails imploring me to increase my penis size. This was annoying but also a bit worrying as despite a thorough search, I was unable to locate my penis so that I could take them up on their kind offer. Over time, the trolls have become more sophisticated in their approach and we see a wide array of spam worming its way through to our email inboxes and social networking accounts. 

There are various manifestations of this – usually from people you know and trust and sent from their accounts, which have been hacked. These are usually recognised and we can take action to prevent further harm. We know the rules. Don’t click on the link. If it happens to you, change your password.

Increasingly I find myself being followed by people I have nothing in common with. Their sole purpose in following is to advertise their goods to all and sundry. In these cases, I block. Anyone with ‘sex’ in their name gets blocked immediately. (Beware if you come from Middlesex or Essex). I have to laugh when I read the bio of a new follower sometimes. Selling real estate in Baltimore? Block. Get fit in thirty days in Singapore? Block. Selling gears for BMX bikes in Seville? Block.

Let’s not start on autotweets telling me how far you have run, walked, biked or swum. Or how many people have followed you or unfollowed you in the last week. Block, block, block. 

Spam is the Plague of the 21st century. Definitely something whinge-worthy.



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