Facebook Updates

Apologies for any offence this may cause.

One of my biggest whinges is to do with Facebook. I believe that Facebook does serve a purpose. In my case, it enables me to keep up with friends I don’t see very often, people I taught in the past who are now grown up with families of their own,living abroad and my own family.  We can share activities and photographs. This is all very positive.

The feelings of annoyance come from people who post those damned awful poems and prose about their loved ones. You know the sort I mean. Not only do we have to read this nauseous twaddle but they then have the audacity to tell us that if we don’t repost it we are not their friends.  4-year-old-in-the-playground talk. 

There’s worse. Someone once posted a photograph of a little girl in hospital. She had tubes and sensors attached to her body, keeping her alive. The caption told us that if the photo got 1000 likes the little girl’s life would be saved. I was furious and told the ‘friend’ who posted it that it was disgusting. I asked him that if the photo only got 999 likes, would they let her die? He argued that he thought it wouldn’t do any harm to repost it after it had appeared on his timeline. It did actually do harm – to our friendship.

My own feelings are that some emotions should be private or shared face-to-face with those you love. They are not supposed to be shared publicly with photos of roses or candles or sickly verses. 

What do you think?


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