Blowing your own trumpet

I am quite new to twitter but already I have been struck by a strange phenomenon. I have spent quite a while looking at other people’s timelines, searching for some interesting people to follow. One thing that surprised me was the ‘look at me’ mentality in which people retweet a complimentary tweet to all their followers. I find that really strange. It’s a bit like the twitter equivalent of standing on a soapbox and shouting out to all and sundry how brilliant you are. Or maybe if someone sent you a nice letter, pinning it to your front door so that all passers-by could read it.  

In my opinion, this sort of reaction tells me a lot about the person tweeting. Not sure I would follow, for that very reason.



One response to “Blowing your own trumpet

  1. It was interesting to receive this by email from a friend – let’s call her Ava Moan. My blog seems to have struck a raw nerve in her too and I have to say I absolutely agree with her:

    When those on twitter self promote!

    One thing that drives me mad is the self promotion that happens regularly on twitter. Don’t get me wrong if I blog I will retweet it at different points during a day. I also like it when others retweet it as I feel I’ve hit a point that is relevant to others in my ramblings. At times I have been heavily criticised for this. I have received Direct Messages or even straight onto my timeline about yes they know I’ve written a blog and yes they don’t want to be reminded about it. I’ve responded by apologising. But why? Why have I apologised? It’s not as if I retweet it every five minutes.

    However, what really irks me is the self promotion. The look at me this is what I’ve created, look at my school, look at what I’ve done, look at how amazing I am, please vote for me for this award, please sing my praises and say how wonderful I am. Surely if it was that important others would sing that persons praises? Or is that just me?! I’m a great believer in if you are what you say you are then your actions would show it. How many say how wonderful they are but in reality, are they actually like that?

    Self promotion is probably quite an arrogant thing to do but it could be argued that it is a measure for people to like you. It is to do with low self esteem possibly. But it’s something that I don’t want to read or see. Keep the self promotion to yourself please. At times it is so tempting to unfollow and block. To be honest if you are truly that good then others will sing your praises, others will promote you, others will respect you. I am sure most of us would have greater respect for that type of person than the self promoter

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