The Search


She inched forward across the lawn, feeling the iced blades of grass underfoot, breath hanging in the air like a whisper. If she had looked behind, she would have seen the whitened prints she had left but her gaze was firmly ahead, searching for the key. She drew the coat around her tighter, tension growing, eyes focussed, thoughts ranging from ‘what if’ to ‘don’t panic’. It felt like hours but was probably only a few minutes when she saw the glinting metal a few feet ahead. It lay there, taunting her with its icy stare, daring her to pick it up.


8 responses to “The Search

  1. Powerful stuff, Lynda! I really enjoyed this piece. I love the way the breath hangs in the air – a great simile!

  2. This is haunting! love it.

  3. Like they said 🙂

  4. Ooh – and why is she afraid to pick it up, I wonder? I like your precise description, including her footprints in the frost – and then you leave us in suspense with a good cliffhanger ending. Nice.

  5. Definitely a chilling piece. There is a lot of story behind begging to be told… 🙂

  6. Very descriptive. I could feel the chill. It’s left me wanting to know the back story and why she’s in this state.

  7. It leaves us wanting to know more.

  8. DancingInTheRain

    Beautifully written….

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