Lifestyle Change

A week ago I was invited to my local surgery for a health check and fasting blood test. Today I had to go back for my results. I knew what they would say before the nurse even pressed the mouse button…..

I am no fool. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are. I love food – especially sweet things – and I hate exercise of any kind. My husband tells everyone that I don’t like anything that involves taking clothes off and getting out of breath! So it came as no surprise to find out that my cholesterol level is too high and after a few more clicks of the computer, I was classified as ‘inactive’.  I was then given the options of lifestyle changes or tablets. 

I don’t want tablets. I take more than enough tablets keeping the old Rheumatoid Arthritis at bay. So I guess this leaves me with lifestyle change then. I was pretty glum when I returned home. I can only have a very rare glass of wine because of the medication I take for RA and now my only other pleasure was to be knocked on the head too. I opened the kitchen cupboard and saw the two family size chocolate bars that my husband bought me at the weekend and felt like crying. No more lavishly spread toast and butter. No more Bakewell Tarts. No more Highland Butter Shortbread.

Despite the fact that I am ‘busy’ looking after my father 24 hours a day 7 days a week and my active grandchildren two days a week, I would also have to look at taking some formal exercise several times a week. This almost feels worse than the food issue. I can’t think of a single thing I’d enjoy doing for thirty minutes a day that would get my heart racing. I don’t like being outside. I don’t own a bike or have any desire to ride one. I certainly wouldn’t want to be seen in a gym – even if I had the freedom to do so. I can’t really swim and my RA makes me not-so-brilliant at flexibility or balance. 

So, I sat down and ate some of the chocolate from the cupboard, telling myself that I just need to use it up and then I can start being good.

I have three months to get myself turned round before I have to go back for another blood test. During that time I’ll have to train myself to eat more healthily, drop a few pounds, take more exercise and give up chocolate, cake and biscuits.

Wish me luck.


2 responses to “Lifestyle Change

  1. Tough to have to make such a big change, yet it’s amazing what one can manage when one’s health is at stake. May sound daft, but playing ‘tennis’ on the Wii can leave me out of breath, it’s not in public, and if I look daft then it doesn’t matter 🙂 Maybe you’ll find something like that which will serve a purpose for you. I know you’ll have lots of support from the twitterati. Good luck!

  2. These sorts of changes are always scary at the start but rarely turn out to be as bad as they initially seem. Cutting things out completely that you like isn’t going to help. I always allow myself a few treats at the weekend!

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