Grandchildren can bring such laughter. This week, in Sainsbury’s, S (who is very nearly 5) was telling me that the following day people would be giving up things they like. I asked him if this meant things like chocolate. He told me it did but that he wouldn’t be giving up chocolate. After a quiet moment of thought, he said ‘I think I am going to give up …….wine’. Cue everyone in that aisle bursting out laughing.

Then yesterday S  was in the car with mummy. He told her that he had now decided who he was going to marry. Naturally she was curious so asked him who the lucky girl might be.
‘I am going to marry X’ he told her. Mummy asked why he had chosen this particular girl.
‘Because she is so helpful’ replied S.
Mummy then asked what she was so helpful with. 
‘She helps take my clothes off’ was the reply.
Mummy was now feeling a sense of alarm so probed further.
‘When we do PE she helps me with my buttons and things. Then after PE, she helps me again. She folds all my clothes carefully and puts them back in my PE bag.’
Definitely ‘wife’ material then!

Incidentally, two weeks ago he told me he was going to marry Y and they were having one little boy who they would call ‘Mario’. Apparently she has now been ditched as ‘She is too bossy’.
Aren’t grandchildren brilliant?


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