100WCGU Week 67 I Saw it There

I saw it there, the only one
My eyes dilated
I was fated
I knew my need had to be sated
I paused to think
My breath was bated
A moment’s doubt, myself berated
My hand reached out, too long I’d waited
My fingers trembled, agitated
And nearly there, manipulated
With fingers stretched, mouth dessicated
A sudden move – I’m nauseated
As someone else just captivated
The prize that I prognosticated
My mouth ajar, I’m nauseated
The chocolate is masticated
And I am feeling devastated
He ummed and ahhed, luxuriated
Oblivious, I’m infuriated
I saw it there, and now it’s gone


3 responses to “100WCGU Week 67 I Saw it There

  1. Your rhymes are hilarious! agitated / manipulated / dessicated…this is great 😉

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed that challenge!

  3. Lynda, that had to take some time to rhyme! ~Lynda (Yes, really!)

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