#100WCGU Grey

Friends and family waiting in the chilled, stone chapel whispering conspiratorially. The only sounds were the wheezing of the old organ and the sporadic clearing of throats. Threads of warm breath rose into the air as anticipation took hold of the assembled crowd. Everyone knew that she was unconventional and wondered what dress she had chosen. He stood at the front, trembling visibly, occasionally glancing backward to make sure she would arrive. A flurry of activity signalled that she had. No-one wanted to turn round but a gasp from the back made them do so. She appeared in voluminous grey!


6 responses to “#100WCGU Grey

  1. No that's an unusual colour to wed in – but I reckon it could be very elegant on the right skin tone!

  2. Really clever to associate the word with a wedding. Right from your first line I was thinking "funeral" so I loved being proved wrong.

  3. She is obviously her own person, and sounds rather sophisticated. Clever, how much characterisation you get with so little actual information.

  4. Gotta love a girl who dares to be different! 🙂

  5. Definitely a rule breaker! Interesting twist.

  6. Now THAT is making a statement — and about more than just fashion.Cheers!JzB

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