Returning to the routine 100WCGU #57

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week 57
The scents and sounds of the Caribbean were still a potent memory. The heat, the humidity, the incessant nocturnal croaking of the tree frogs, the scent of tropical flowers, the crashing of the waves on the perfect sandy shore, the taste of the rum punch – all now memories but still so clear. She pulled up her raincoat collar and stepped out of the front door. Rain was lashing down and gurgling along the roadsides, traffic sending spray across the grey pavement. A chill wind whipped her coat around her tanned legs. Memories faded in a wink as she found herself returning to the routine.


9 responses to “Returning to the routine 100WCGU #57

  1. Superb. I can't seem to find my writing mojo just now but you've clearly found yours. I want to be in your Caribbean.

  2. holding the two realities at once…hmmm…routine can certainly create a yearning…you've grounded her nicely in the sensual memories and realities. nicely done. 🙂

  3. Sometimes it seems as though you've never been away, ho hum back to routine.

  4. It's always so hard to return to reality after time in paradise. I love the descriptive details here.

  5. Oh I want to go where she was. Very well done- really captured the wish to be in one place but the acceptance that she had to be in another.

  6. Well written. Very descriptive and emotional. I'm having withdrawals right now and I've never been to the Caribbean. Mine is at

  7. A great use of the prompt and very well written.

  8. Your description of the vacation was so divine, it took me away … Your description of her return to the routine feels like mine, at least in its effect. The point is, your writing pulled me in.

  9. And suddenly I'm in the mood for a vacation…Very descriptive work with this one! I almost felt like I was there.

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