Being clear (100Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week 56)

Being clear is essential to relationships. That means all relationships – even those online. Be honest and fair. Decide in advance how much of yourself you are prepared to give and others will accept that even though they may not agree. When the shiny screen that is the window to your online world becomes clouded by uncertainty and doubt, relationships are lost behind the misted glass, some see things that are not there, troubled wraiths scratching at the glass for release, others struggle to find what was once there but seems to be no more. Many questions but no answers all because we were not clear.


One response to “Being clear (100Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week 56)

  1. I find that you made good decision the moment when you picked out this theme of the blog article of yours. Do you mostly compose your blog entries alone or maybe you work with a partner or a helper?

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