The Surprise Photo 100WCGU

I really am letting things slip. I missed last time’s 100 Challenge and am just squeaking this one in by the skin of my teeth!

Julia’s evil cackle could be heard loud and clear this week with a picture prompt for this photo. If you would like to join us, take a look here:

I have to wait until she goes out to indulge my secret needs. While she’s there I’m just Tom, the ginger cat who cries for food, leaves fur everywhere and occasionally craves attention by spraying against the sitting room curtains. But when she goes out, I have to give in to my desire to be a human. I hide things away throughout the week then drag them out when I get the chance, sit in front of the floor-length mirror and play. I’ve become quite adept at putting things on but this has to be the best yet. So good that I’m just going to get the iPad and select ‘camera’ flip it round so it shows ME and press that little camera button. What a surprise she will have when she opens ‘Photos’ next time!


One response to “The Surprise Photo 100WCGU

  1. Now this is a really cheeky one as is that cat. Wouldn't we be shocked if these things could happpen. I expect she has thumbs too!

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