Happy Birthday 100WCGU

Having read some of the other entries, I was wondering if I misunderstood and that the writing was to be suitable to go into the card? Anyway, doing two entries this week will make up for missing a couple.

Your birthday – you are 36
It seems like just last night
That I was on the labour ward
Pushing with all my might.

They handed me our baby boy
All pink and soft and sweet
I looked at you with wonder
Your face, your hands, your feet

I didn’t get a manual
Explaining what to do 
But through the years I learned some tricks
On how to best serve you

Where have those years just disappeared
The toddler, boy and teen?
But gone they have and through it all
You made me feel a Queen

So Happy Birthday, lovely boy
I’ll shed a teardrop maybe
Remembering the years we’ve spent
Since you were just a baby

We may not know the future
And what it holds in store
Whatever might be coming
We’ll love you more and more.


One response to “Happy Birthday 100WCGU

  1. This is stunning & so the sort of thing I'd love to write for him! Many thanks. I shall make sure he reads it!

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