Storm 100WCGU

The prompt for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is ‘the rain turned the road into a river’.
The sky had lain heavily on the village all afternoon and the air fizzed in anticipation of the storm. Even with the windows open, Claire couldn’t breathe. It was almost three o’ clock when the first rumbles were heard in the distance and suddenly day became night. The raindrops fell sporadically at first, drumming on the roof of the car and cracking off the windscreen as Claire set off for the village school to collect the boys. The wipers tried in vain to cope with the downpour and the lightning illuminated Claire’s anxious face in the rear view mirror as the rain turned the road into a river. 


11 responses to “Storm 100WCGU

  1. Super – I can feel the tension building. I hope she got her boys safely x

  2. I can feel the storm reading this!

  3. umm…lots of rain that changes our perspective…nicely done!

  4. I like the rhythm, especially of that last sentence. It feels like a big downpour. Very poetic.

  5. I feel the tension here, too. The last scene was scary as I hoped she could collect her boys and get them home.

  6. Quick – where's the next episode? Nice piece!

  7. I've been there and done that and it always rains at school pick up time.

  8. We have had too many days like this haven't we. Not sure what Summer 2012 is about.Hope it picks up, but glad it provided the inspiration for your writing.x

  9. Great tension. I hope the boys come home safely.

  10. Very tense and suspenseful! The worries of a mother are well shown here. Good work!

  11. Agghhh! the end of the world is nigh! FLOOD! More please … Did they all make it to higher ground?

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