Sorry, dog. 100WCGU

This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups has to include the phrase ‘I blamed it on the dog’.
Why not give it a go?

I blamed it on the dog. I feel guilty about it now and need to confess. It was such an amazing cake – three layers of moist sponge cake sealed together with butterscotch icing. I’d had three pieces already but there it was in the kitchen, taunting and tempting. Surely nobody would notice if I had just a little more? But even that wasn’t enough and I returned again. When it was demolished I panicked. Smearing the last dregs of butter cream on the dogs face, wiping round my own mouth and putting the empty plate on the floor, I waited for my husband’s return. Sorry, dog.

9 responses to “Sorry, dog. 100WCGU

  1. Poor dog. They really are all in a lot of trouble this week aren't they? I so know that feeling though of going back for a bit more and then a bit more. Wish we had a dog I could blame it on!

  2. Poor dogs, they take all the abuse for our inability to control ourselves. 😉 Love this. I've been tempted to blame the dog before.

  3. A pleasurable guilt trip! Poor dog unable to stick up for himself with the evidence planted.

  4. Good one- and the dog WOULD have eaten it if he had the chance so I don't feel sorry for him at all. (But then I'm not, dare I say it, a dog lover!)

  5. As I had a dog that did eat a whole chocolate cake, I believe the dog would have eaten it given half the chance! A delightful vignette.

  6. GSussexThe dog looks so cute! How could you, poor thing! But did it work . . .

  7. Poor little dog, it looks like its eaten too much cake and has tummy ache!

  8. You didn't sound too sorry after all the trouble your character went to! Make's me think what else the pooch has been blamed for and who else gets the blame when the dog can't be 😉

  9. The dog would wind up being the scapegoat for just about every misdeed in your house, i suspect. Especially when one of you would have to walk him on each dark, windy, rainy and bitter winter's night. Every night …

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