Big Society 100WCGU

This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups draws inspiration from the Olympic Torch relay in the north east.  
The photo shows our friend Dave who was a torch bearer in Hartlepool. Please bear in mind that this is fiction and not meant to portray Hartlepool as the place in this piece. Indeed, I like Hartlepool so much that I’m in the process of selling my house to move there!

Usually a rather dull place, it sat on the coast, often enveloped in mist, with views of the distant industrial complex. People kept themselves to themselves. No ‘Big Society’ here. Doors were locked against crime and nobody asked questions for fear of being nosy.
Yet on that morning, people assembled along the main road, men, women and children, young and old, creating a real buzz of excitement. There was laughter and chatter as anticipation mounted.
‘I can see it!’ shouted a tall man who could see over the others.
People clapped, cheered and whooped as the Olympic torch came by.

2 responses to “Big Society 100WCGU

  1. How fab to have watched a friend carry the torch. Great description of the atmosphere of the people gathered to watch.

  2. I remember so well the excitement in my town when the Olympic Torch for the 2000 Sydney Olympics came to town. Children were released from school early to see the entertainment organised for the relay. All too soon, the torch restarted its journey.Your story brought back memories of that day. :)@RossMannell

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