Sixty Years 100WCGU

Born in the 50s
A time of hope and good intention
A time to marvel at new invention


A child in the 60s

Music pounding out a rhythmic beat
Grandma tutting from her garden seat
A teen of the 70s
Rabbit’s teeth restrained and braces gone
Ugly duckling hoping to be a swan 


Young woman of the 80s

Met the man she hoped would be her own
Childish fears and issues now outgrown 



Woman of the 90s

Rearing daughters making her so proud
Helping them to stand out from the crowd

Then come the noughties

Career successful, children grown at last
Wondering why the years have flown so fast



Now in the 10s,

Approaching 60’s glare
And I’m the grandma tutting in the chair! 


4 responses to “Sixty Years 100WCGU

  1. Oh how wonderful Lynda! I can see my year passing in a similar way. Thank you so much for joining this diamond challenge!

  2. This is lovely. I'm a child of the 50's. Four and a bit years until I'm 60. God willing I'll make it xx

  3. A lovely poem detailing a lovely journey through your life with great pictures.

  4. Great poem Lynda, and lovely pictures to accompany it.

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