The Empire

This week’s 100 word challenge. The prompt was the 5 words shown in red.

She stood at the foot of the building looking skyward up its west face. The low sun glinted in the windows of the enormous tower. Her father had built this empire over many years and now he’d had enough. His liberty was now the one thing he craved but would not give in until he felt sure that his company was in safe hands – her hands. How could she tell him that it wasn’t what she wanted? She was the apple of his eye and didn’t want to let him down. Her mobile, set to silent, vibrated, its little yellow light flashing insistently. She sighed.


3 responses to “The Empire

  1. 'She sighed' says it all. Great story.

  2. As Sally says 'She sighed' speaks volumes. How the dreams of the parents are visited upon their children…

  3. I feel her pain. It's always hard to put your own wants first – especially when it means hurting someone close to you.

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