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You could feel fear in the air like static electricity, prickling fine neck hairs. The group huddled, seeking warmth and comfort from each other but finding none, knowing that something awful was happening but unable to decide what. They were ushered into the tiny room and the huge metal door slammed shut deafeningly. The gas began to pour down upon them and they clung on to each other in desperation. At that moment, staff  were told to escape quickly and they left them there. When the Allies arrived and opened the door, the bones had welded together, flesh long-since gone.


10 responses to “War

  1. On no how horrible. Great atmospheric piece. x

  2. Oh my word. what a dark piece of writing. The tension builds well. The line 'You could feel fear in the air like static electricity, prickling fine neck hairs.' is especially effective.

  3. Tragic. Having recently watched 'the boy in the striped pyjamas' this moved me.

  4. Well written but terrifying. Your words cut to the bone, painful to read, but so well done.

  5. Can't add anything that the others haven't already said, except that I can feel my eyes prickling with tears.Really well-written piece.

  6. Really sad. And terrifying too.

  7. I just wanted to second Anna's comment, very moving.

  8. G SussexMay we never forget . . . . Yet history repeats many horrors, sadly.

  9. Very well written and brave piece. Difficult subject matter. And all too true. (Unfortunately before the Allies arrived, I believe they burned the bones and started all over again and again and again….)

  10. you really connected the essence to the picture well. Thank you for this…it really makes you think of the horror of clinging together in futility…and the horror of finding those remains…nicely done.

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