I’ve never
been a
fan of
coloured                stones.
Diamonds.                    That’s what
I like.                                              Clear,
unblemished,                                                  neat and
sparkling. He,                                                  on the other
hand, doesn’t                                                          agree with
jewellery. Waste                                                        of money, in
his opinion.                                                              So, it was a total
surprise when                                                                      he handed
me a small,                                                                  velvet box with
a glint in his                                                               eye and a silly
grin. All the                                                                time I’d hinted
about that                                                                     beautiful
eternity ring                                                            and thought 
it had fallen on                                                      deaf ears.  
I unclipped                                               the catch
and opened                                         the lid.
  Ruby. I’ve                                never been
          a fan of                  coloured stones.
And ruby hated the 
most of all.

11 responses to “Ruby

  1. Lovely twist to your shapely piece. Really, really enjoyed this.

  2. Superb presentation – how did you do that? As for the ending, ungrateful is the word that springs to mind.

  3. Wow – this was a really clever idea! Love the presentation. Can't agree with the sentiments though – rubies are what I love most of all and what I have for my engagement ring.

  4. Oh what a madam! Love how you presented this; so effective.I hope that he took it back;I just wanted to give her a jolly good shake! (slap!)A very cleverly done piece :O)(by the way, I always read yours but sometimes struggle to leave comments as my tablet doesn't like the spam code thingy- on a PC today so fingers crossed…)

  5. I think my character has upset some of you. However, this man in her life ought to know her better too. Maybe he did know she hated rubies and this was a deliberate move to upset her? She probably feels exasperated that he doesn't know her as well as she thought he did?

  6. Careful use of centre alignment and the return button!

  7. Very brave of you trying this format; I just know if I'd done it the shape would have been destroyed at the moment I pressed the 'publish' button. And she didn't upset me. I've been on the wrong end of a number of expensive presents so know the frustration involved. Nice original piece.

  8. Lovely format. Yes, he should have known.

  9. Too, too clever! And… that man obviously wasn't paying attention. Shame on him!

  10. Fantastic!! Like Lewis Carroll, trailing words across the page. Great idea.

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