George and the Dragon

A real challenge this week to write a sonnet of 14 lines, 10 syllables per line, based on the story of George and the Dragon.

The scaly beast glowed green and fiery breath
Lit up the night and scorched the skin of man
And all around were quaking, fearing death
As no-one had an answer nor a plan
Some miles away the news was heard with speed
And George responded with a toss of head
Prepared his lance, his shield and trusty steed
And vowed to meet the beast and leave it dead
He made his way through streets of silent stone
Where people hid inside their homes in fear
The dragon stood amazed at George alone
Who’d come to kill him and he shed a tear
But George was calm, determined and unswayed
He plunged his lance and swiftly dragon slayed


7 responses to “George and the Dragon

  1. Lynda, this is fantastic! I always enjoy reading your fiction but I didn't realise that you were a talented poet as well.

  2. Lynda, this is GREAT!

  3. Brilliant Lynda – this really IS a sonnet – it scans properly, and you have even managed to tell the story of St George!Excellent! Gold stars all round!

  4. I'm so impressed yet again with this talent of yours! It is such a great story that is even better when read out loud. That gives it a feeling of romance even though it is an adventure!Many thanks for stepping up to this different type of challenge!

  5. This is fabulous, ticks all the boxes and has a lilt to it as its read. Great piece.

  6. I even managed to feel slightly sorry for the dragon at the end… Well done – I enjoyed this.

  7. Superb. Within 'the rules' but without the awkwardness that sonnets sometimes create. A great read.

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