A Special Child

100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups can be found here. Please read some of the entries and comment to encourage budding writers.

The child was stunningly beautiful. Everyone remarked on it as Beth pushed her around in the clear Spring air as a baby. She improved even more as a toddler. Big, round, blue eyes, a perfect pout, golden curls tied up in a blue ribbon – she was picture-book perfect. But soon it was apparent that something was different. She didn’t talk when others did, avoided people and preferred her own company, quietly creating beautiful things out of nothing. Beth knew that she was something special on that beach holiday when simple driftwood became an amazing horse at her hands.


4 responses to “A Special Child

  1. This has such a soothing feel to it. I felt relaxed and stress-free by the end. Think I must have been in the head of the child – shutting the worst of the world out and concentrating on the simple and beautiful things in it.

  2. This is sad in many ways – I know someone who has an autistic child, but it's also quite reassuring – one hopes that all children who are 'apart' from others can feel and create beauty and feel complete in that way.A lovely piece.

  3. This is quite simply beautiful. I feel such joy that she found an outlet for her creativity.

  4. A child who has an autism needs a special care from parents and to everybody.They should not feel any conscious from them because we should not let them feel that they are special and incomplete. ________________________ Speech Pathology Services Adelaide

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