Difficult Decision

It was a huge decision to make. She had never been good at those. She could stay and let the bullying go on as before, or on the flip side, could take the risk and apply for the temporary job doing something different and worry about the future later. She’d thought she would teach until she died – it was all she’d ever done. Since the change of leadership her self-esteem had been eroded by criticism and suppression. Would she be good at this? She sealed the envelope, walked to the post box and slipped it in, anxiously, not believing.


5 responses to “Difficult Decision

  1. Hi Lynda,Unfortunately, I know of cases in the real world like the one on your story. It's an unfortunate part of life when even as adults in a career, this can happen.Well written. :)@RossMannell

  2. You thought this was fiction? ;o)

  3. You conveyed a lot in your 100 words! I hope she gets the job and makes a new life for herself.

  4. Posting that letter is a great decision. Hope she gets the job and starts a brilliant new career.

  5. I know people in this situation- it makes me so cross. Hope she gets the best job and those cowardly bullies get their comeuppance.

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