100WCGU Week 27 ‘The Glider’

So, the task this week is one I am most definitely not comfortable with.  We were to take one of last week’s writings and act as critic. Those who know me will appreciate that it is not something I enjoy doing.  However, fearing the Wrath of Julia, I had to give it a try. 
I chose Ross Mannell’s writing ‘The Glider’ which I particularly enjoyed.

‘No aeroplane for me! I enjoy the freedom of the air passing as I glide through the clouds drifting high above the waters made aquamarine by the reflection of light. What greater freedom than alone above the world’s worries?
Wind shear!
Aghast, I acted on instinct after the initial shock of the earthward plummet. Pulling back on the stick and adjusting yaw, the pitch of the glider started to level the craft. The downward fall had allowed me enough speed to regain height.
The ground now much too close and my landing field too distant, sweat beaded my brow.
“This glider simulation software is brilliant!”’

I really enjoyed reading Ross’ piece. I was there with him feeling the air, looking down at the water and reflections. I was startled as the glider plummeted, reassured as he took control. I sensed that all was well until I noticed the beads of sweat on his brow. His writing took me on this amazing ride and then just as I was sensing terrible disaster, he made me laugh out loud with the final sentence. It takes a really good writer to make you feel like you were there. I applaud this ability and look forward to reading more.


4 responses to “100WCGU Week 27 ‘The Glider’

  1. Brilliantly summed up Lynda. That's how I felt reading his piece too.This was the scariest challenge ever though – don't you think?

  2. I enjoyed your review of Ross' piece. It wasn't an easy challenge at all this week was it (not that we want it easy btw!)

  3. Wow! That was a kid critique. Thanks for the positive.I have still to do one but have been busy commenting on numerous blogs.

  4. Well done Lynda! I think part of the job of a critique is to encourage others to go and read the piece. I had already read it but would have taken a look if I hadn't after reading this piece!You stepped out of your comfort zone really well!

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