Season’s Greetings – Part 2

This is the second part of this beginning:
‘Jenna sighed as the doorbell rang.  The last time she’d seen him she was a fifteen year old klutz with a crush.  The sound of male voices and laughter drew her to the door.  She smiled at his stunned expression and didn’t notice the puddle of melted snow on the wood floor.’
 The moment of silence seemed to last for ages.  She swept past him and he stepped aside reluctantly, almost slipping on the wet wood floor. He watched this beautiful swan whom he could only remember as an ugly duckling, cursing his stupidity at casting her aside all those years ago.  


4 responses to “Season’s Greetings – Part 2

  1. Good for her! Haven't we all wished for a chance to do something like that??

  2. Go Jenna! It sounds like the shoe is on the other foot now. Nice ending 🙂

  3. Excellent! Go that girl. I can see her long hair being flounced across her shoulders as she went! RESULT! Great writing Lynda!

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