A Change of Season – Part 2

Finally, another ending which is not like anything else I’ve written.  The first part comes from:

‘The Royal Glade of Faerie basked in azure warmth. All around spoke of languid dreams and indolent days. Alyssa stood, poised, wings resplendant, her lyre, a thing of beauty. She began to play, a sharp and haunting lilt that frosted leaves and misted breath. And, in that cherished moment, summer fled.’
 Deep in the Glade, creatures burrowed into the earth, seeking warmth. Above a flock of geese disappeared towards the horizon. Alyssa nodded and with a flick of her wings flew over the scene she had created.  The Royal Glade could rest and recover, building strength for the next season’s frenzy.


4 responses to “A Change of Season – Part 2

  1. Lovely continuation Lynda.

  2. Beautiful. I wondered when I wrote it how people would steer it. Its all about continuing the wonder.

  3. You should continue to 'challenge' yourself :), this is fab. I can see the scene clearly in my head – especially the creatures burrowing in.

  4. Oh I love this. 'next season's frenzy' – love the personalisation there. This is one of my favourite consequence stories because they are so magical. You are showing yourself as a very talented writer Lynda!

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