Friday Night Girls

What a tough one this week. A poem along the lines of ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November’ using only 21 words.  Added to that, we have to use the words ‘In winter we shiver’ – well that’s 4 words used up already!
This took quite some time!

Hailstones peppering down, parading round town
Underdressed, oversized, we gloat
In winter we shiver, clothing a sliver 
Never wearing a coat!

14 responses to “Friday Night Girls

  1. Brilliant – this was very hard! Lots of my class don't wear coats.

  2. Great effort, Lynda!I love the second line particularly 🙂

  3. Fantastic, Lynda. I think this one is really hard, but you've worked wonders!

  4. Well done for keeping to the word limit.I didn't quite manage that! Agree with Dughall; the second line is FAB 🙂

  5. Brrrr! Nicely done. This was a tough challenge. I loved all your words in this.Lisa

  6. Echoing Dughall Mc C's comment : )

  7. I like the third line even better than the second, Robin

  8. I agree with the others. This reads wonderfully.

  9. hurtlingtowards60

    I think this is wonderful! Well done, and oh so true.

  10. I love this, really good. What a hard prompt this week!

  11. Love the title and love the poem. Well done.

  12. Conjuring images of scenes happening in towns around Britain on a Saturday night. Love it.

  13. You have captured that fad of youth of never wearing a coat. I can remember fighting with my mum who always wanted me to 'wrap up' but then my 'fashion' would not be seen. Thank you so much for struggling – it was well worth the effort!

  14. oooh you'd have to be very brave not to wear a coat in winter! hehe! Great poem!

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