100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week 16

The cow was lounging in the meadow. With a blinding flash, the little man appeared from nowhere.  
‘Three wishes!’ the little man shouted rudely.
The cow looked at him quizzically, rhythmically chewing the cud .
‘Come on, I’ve got other creatures to help, you know!’
The cow cogitated. Endless money was no good to her. Endless grass would be good. Ending her days in this field – that would be good too!
‘People eat cows like me’ she said to the man. ‘They make burgers. May they turn to newspaper when they do’.
With a flourish and a bang it was done.

9 responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week 16

  1. This made me laugh! Writing from the point of view of the cow is genius and hilarious!

  2. Nice one, Lynda!I like your cow 🙂

  3. Hee he, brilliant. What a clever idea to write from the cow's point of view. The last line sums it all up well.

  4. Very clever; I would never have thought to write from the cow's point of view. Absolutely FAB :O))

  5. hurtlingtowards60

    What a great take on this prompt! Certainly made me smile.

  6. So nice to read a smart cow, humans know how to waste wishes, good job! Robin

  7. Love it. "The cow cogitated" is such a great image, and I think I will be cautious the next time I want a burger.

  8. Oh what a great take on the prompt! Brilliant! The cow got there in the end! I just love that thought – that the animals have their way in the end. Really imaginative you clever lady!

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