The Stirring

Julia has given us a tough challenge this week.  The usually 100 words has been slashed to only 50!  How can you tell we are in times of austerity?  The prompt this week is ‘The Autumn leaves…’

The Autumn leaves stirred in the breeze and drizzle drifted across the fields. The day was already drawing to a close and a crow called raucously from the darkening sky. Somewhere from under the leaves there came an eerie sound and a bony index finger appeared, wriggling, stretching, emerging from the peaty earth. 


14 responses to “The Stirring

  1. Very atmospheric. This is perfect for October and thoughts of Halloween. You always have such a beautiful way with words Lynda – I really envy you.

  2. You have no need for envy. Your writing is excellent!

  3. This is very atmospheric; particularly that cawing crow. Great in so few words.

  4. Creepy! I love it.

  5. This has such rythm and musicality. Well done.

  6. Oooh, a scary bit, I love it. That bony finger – makes me shudder deliciously.

  7. More Halloween, that's what I like to see!

  8. Beautifully atmospheric and creepy. Great stuff, Lynda!

  9. Of course! One would poke a finger up, to test the weather.Love the image, Robin

  10. Well done! Love all of the imagery. laurie @ Battling My Inner Critic

  11. What a wonderful, intriguing beginning to a story that I would love to read more of!

  12. This was a cool little scare!

  13. I love autumn but you have given me reasons to look carefully in those twilight times. Brilliant L!

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