This week’s 100 Word Challenge asked us to do something with the alphabet.  After some thinking, I challenged myself to write my 100 words in alphabetical order.  Here is the result:

All around Amsterdam artists bumbled, bringing beautiful, Begonias, Chrysanthemums, Carnations, cherished completely, down dappled driveways.  Decorating every entrance equally enthusiastically, flowers fountained fragrantly, filling gateways, garages, gutters.  Glorious, heavenly Hyacinths harvested happily in islands in inland India jostled jauntily, jarring juicily. Korean Kingcups kissed Kenyan lilacs, lounged listlessly lengthwise making mouthwatering muskiness.  Men nodded, never noticing Nicotiana over openings, only old people paused, pressed petals, quietly quizzing, quaintly rubbing red roses, rigorously smelling succulent scents. Soon sultry summer temperatures tumble, taking the uplifting, unique, unusual, ushering vapid, vacant, verges with wild windy weather.  Winter xeranthemum, yesterday’s yellowing yarrow, Zinnias zapped.

14 responses to “Florists

  1. Wow, Linda! This is brilliant. It works so well.

  2. This is genius! Can't believe you did this quickly enough to get the link up a midnight!

  3. I've been working on it since 9 o' clock! Love doing it though. It has turned my Monday into a Friday!

  4. Lynda – I didn't read your post before submitting mine – honest! We've taken the same kind of idea for our 100 words, using words in alphabetical order. I've only used one word for each letter but built the story using non sequential words in brackets in between. Well done on your entry!

  5. Superb! So very clever. I love the phrase 'pressed petals, quietly quizzing, quaintly rubbing red roses, rigorously smelling succulent scents'.

  6. This worked very well, well done. I am still thinking about mine- there are so many FAB entries already. Love it

  7. This is spectacular. I absolutely love it. The flow, the alliteration and the language of flowers. AWESOME!!!

  8. I hate it when the zinnias zap–nice finale.Robin

  9. a beautiful read. Thank you.

  10. That was so clever, I loved the way it reads, beautifully. Polly

  11. This is brilliant! What a clever girl you are. You have chosen some of my favourite words in this too. Many thanks for taking up the challenge yet again!

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