A Poem for Year 3 with lots of size words in

I found a book in grandma’s loft and it was full of spells
A big fat book with thin, grey pages and fusty, dusty smells
I took the book down her long stairs and into the small dark room
Examined the teeny tiny letters through the growing murky gloom
The first one was to turn a child into a giant tree
I only needed a miniscule fly and the sting of a podgy bee
A leaf from a towering oak came next and a long grey squirrel’s tail
A massive grape, a mini feather and a puny garden snail
Apparently I’d have to use a whopping cooking pot
And stir with a jumbo mixing spoon, then strain and drink the lot
I thought about it for the shortest while and went for a wee rest
Deciding that being an oversized tree would not be for the best 

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