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Creativity rules….OK?

Now that I have more time on my hands, it has allowed me to be creative again.  I have always enjoyed writing, poetry and drawing, but haven’t been able to do much while working.  Thanks to Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups, I’ve started to write again and now Chris Leach has started a blog in which he gives the title of a well-known painting and people can interpret the title themselves and create a work of art.  Today I was going to empty the deck, replant some trees and generally clear up the clutter, but it is a bit chilly so I decided to do a picture for Chris’ blog.  This week’s title was ‘The West Wind’.  This is my contribultion, created on the iPad, using the Sketchbook Pro app.
Chris’ blog can be found here:

Julia’s 100 Word Challenge is here:


100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups Week 4

What a wedding it was!
The groom and his brood
Started off in the pub
Just to lighten their mood

Being true his roots
He was wearing a kilt
And was showing the weans
How to dance with a lilt

The bride was a truly
Evocative girlie
Spent an age in the bedroom
And came out all curly

Her dad wiped a tear
When he saw her bright face
As she came down the stairs
In a ripple of lace

As they walked down the aisle
They would all hope and pray
That no untoward mishap
Would ruin their day