Dear diary….

Even though I am now semi-retired, Sundays seem like a chance to look back on the week that has passed and forward to the week that is coming.  Last week was an interesting one.  We put the house on the market (again) and did a few home improvements to make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers.  This included painting doors, painting walls and wallpapering – the first time I’ve done that in over 30 years. We had a day with mum-in-law in Eastwood, taking our daughter and her two children with us.  I met a lovely lady who is operating a Fruit to Suit franchise in the north east and we talked about how we work with schools in the region.  Hopefully, I also persuaded her to give Twitter a try. Holly the cute Shih Tzu had a hair cut and now looks very well groomed ready for her holidays.  We had our home alarm system repaired by an ex-pupil who did us a really good deal (glad I was kind to him at school!) and we took receipt of two lovely new Duvalays for the motorhome having seen them on Dragon’s Den.  Dying to try them out!

On the subject of house sales…..we have had the house on the market three times now and given up exasperated.  It is a lovely bungalow in an idyllic location.  There are 4 houses in our street and our neighbours are brilliant, lovely people. The house is clean and well looked-after.  It has a new modern bathroom and a brand new fitted kitchen.  It started off valued in excess of £270 000…..this week, we were recommended to put it on the market at £225 000.  I know that the market has slumped and that whatever we choose to buy will also be cheaper, but it seems so harsh that the house you worked hard for can lose value so much, especially when people need homes.  Coupled with the fact that young people can no longer afford to buy a house at all, it makes me wonder how we will ever get out of the mess we find ourselves in in this country.   This time, we are NOT looking at houses to buy.  We will aim to sell this house first and then be in the position of being cash buyers.  Looks like those motorhome Duvalays might get some regular testing as we become gypsies for a few weeks.

So, next week…..Monday is a bit of a dead day but will probably involve some garden tidying.  Tuesday is the day that the photographer is coming to take photos of the house – weather permitting.  I am also meeting a friend for lunch, so that will be lovely.  The car is also in for MOT and service (scary).  Thursday is my birthday.  Apparently my 3 year old grandson, Samuel, asked his mummy how old I was.  She told him he would have to ask grandma that question.  He then replied that grandma has used all the numbers and is now on to letters.  Oh great! Now I feel really old!  I’ve booked a hair appointment for Thursday and on Thursday evening will be going for a curry with some Twitter friends.  Friday is going to be hectic! Preparations for holidays, packing the motorhome, checking that my dad has enough shopping in for while I’m away and then looking after my gorgeous grandsons in the evening while mummy and daddy celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Who said retirement was restful??


One response to “Dear diary….

  1. I have started writing something similar but life is so busy I just focus on what's happened. If I thought about next week, I wouldn't get out of bed tomorrow. It's great to be busy though isn't it? we are lucky girls!

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